Review of the backpack Double X GEEK V.2 Black.

Review of the backpack Double X GEEK V.2 Black.

Over the past few years, a lot of local brands have appeared in Ukraine that produce everyday backpacks. One of the novelties in this category, the GEEK V.2 model from the Ukrainian manufacturer Double X, which he sells for UAH 1400, came to our test. As the name implies, this is the second version of the backpack, and as stated on the company’s website, it has an updated design and a bright orange lining.

We tested the backpack for a week in different weather conditions and with different fillings and are ready to share our impressions.

Design and material.

First of all, it is a classic design with one front pocket. The backpack is made of Oxford 1000D with polyurethane impregnation, which allows it to repel moisture. This fabric is quite dense, you can easily wipe off dirt from it. The backpack is available in two colors: gray and black.

On the test we got black, and after a week of daily use, the dirt was really easily removed with a napkin.

The back of the backpack is finished with a mesh fabric for a more comfortable carry with a laptop inside and ventilation for the warmer months. There is also an elastic band on the back for attaching the backpack to the suitcase.

And, in fact, this is a minus, since under heavy load it stretches strongly, which ultimately can lead to the backpack falling from the suitcase. However, underneath it hides a small pocket for important things, such as a wallet, keys or a mobile phone.

The seam lines and the sewing itself are very neat and tight. The zipper is protected from rain, the dogs have laces for easy opening and closing.

The shoulder straps are wide, durable and do not cut into the shoulders, even when the backpack is full. Height adjustable. Convenient handle for carrying and hanging is sewn into the top of the Double X GEEK V.2.

Compartments and pockets.

The size of the backpack is medium, ideal for the city, height – 44, width – 30, depth – 14 cm. In GEEK V.2. there are no side pockets, not even mesh, and this is quite inconvenient. And although the manufacturer placed an elastic band for the bottle or thermo mug inside the backpack, if any of this spills, then on your laptop or other things.

But the backpack has two compartments for gadgets up to 15.6 inches. One is inside, the other is like a separate pocket. Inside, in addition to the compartment for a laptop (tablet, e-reader), there are two more mesh pockets, for example, for a power bank or for charging.

The disadvantage of the internal compartment is that nothing will hold the gadget in it, there is no Velcro.

Despite the depth of 14 cm, the backpack is quite roomy due to the height, it will fit both books and a notebook and even a changeable T-shirt or sneakers. The second compartment is padded, closed with a zipper and is designed entirely for a 15.6-inch laptop.

Outside there is one small zippered pocket with a small organizer in two sections. For headphones, for example, or a sanitizer. The backpack can be carried with you as carry-on luggage on board the aircraft.

Original wedding cakes.

Original wedding cakes.

Preparing for the wedding day promises us a lot of worries and worries. Dress, shoes, bouquet, suit, rings, wedding photographer, banquet room … your head is spinning! Don’t forget your wedding cake!

Cutting the wedding cake can be considered the culmination of the holiday – it is a symbolic tradition, as a result of which, one might say, newlyweds separate their old life from the new. This tradition is very ancient and goes back to the moment when bread appeared on the table of a man. Breaking bread, the tradition of bonding friendship. Did a simple wheat loaf dream that its “great-great-grandson” would turn into a huge, multi-layered, wonderfully decorated and, of course, delicious cake!

True, he did not immediately become a cake.

Around 100 BC, Roman guests threw cooked tortillas at the bride. It was a symbolic wish for wealth and fertility. A very painful ritual, especially if there were a lot of guests, and the cakes are not very fresh.

Later, a compromise was reached, and the bread was simply broken, a new symbol of the wedding tradition appeared.

Later, in the same future Roman Empire, another interesting tradition appeared. The groom broke bread over the bride’s head (as a sign of submission to his wife and husband), and distributed parts to the guests, as if sharing his happiness. The groom ate the crumbs from the bride’s head himself.

In one form or another, wedding bread existed in the traditions of all countries. In medieval England, there was also a wedding cake, but not quite in the form in which we are used to. A mountain of sweet buns was laid out on a large dish – a symbol of having many children – the young had to kiss over them and then healthy and beautiful toddlers had to appear in their family.

Later, the cake from buns «grew» into a cake with candied fruits, also very modest, but already whole. And only in the 19th century, at the weddings of aristocrats, wedding cakes familiar to us began to appear – multi-tiered, decorated with cream and flowers. It was even customary to make two cakes – the bride is traditionally white (the color of innocence, tenderness) and the groom. The groom’s cake, most often, was an ordinary fruit cake, at the end of the wedding it was cut into pieces and handed over to guests who could not come to the celebration.

But later this tradition disappeared – as it was considered too wasteful.

Traditions with wedding bread were also in Ancient Russia. Not a single wedding was complete without a loaf. Loafs are popular today. However, at modern weddings, rituals associated with the loaf are no longer observed, namely, with the process of its manufacture and cutting. The dough was prepared – only by married women, the baking of the loaf was entrusted to the man, and the cutting – to the child.

The matchmaker was in charge of distributing the cut pieces to the guests. The whole process was accompanied by special «loaf» songs, which were performed by «loafers». Before the beginning of the consecration of the marriage, the young had to touch the loaf with their faces and cry.

Today there are a lot of varieties of wedding cakes: both multilayer and on stands, in the form of a bouquet, corset and shoes, with fresh and candied flowers, with marzipan figures and photographs …

Don’t forget that one of the main guests at your wedding should be the wedding photographer to capture all this delicious beauty for your wedding photo book. Otherwise, your magnificent wedding bouquet, gorgeous dress and cake will remain only in memories. A wedding photographer in Kiev will make your memory last long and your impressions vivid.

We have made a selection of photos of the original cakes, we hope it will be useful for you and inspire you to create your own culinary masterpiece!

This cake will be enough for everyone, and in some ways it is a tribute to English traditions, when the cake was a heap of sweet buns.

The original version of the cake for two. Economy class wedding, but how soulful

A very simple decoration option: the cake is covered with white cream (somewhere even rude, sloppy

Mountains of fresh raspberries hold back the lasagna leaves. An original summer cake with raspberries from the garden, which, I want to believe, the bride collected with her own Tomily, Author at hands.

Dating Suggestions For Lesbian

Dating Suggestions For Lesbian

The website has expert ideas to assist you fill in your profile correctly to get a fantastic match. Elite Singles is all about improving the picture and approach of online dating by connecting high-caliber people. Over 80% of the individuals on the internet site are educated to a college-level or larger.

  • If you can’t determine between your first and second favourite choices, we suggest saving the previous for when you’re on firmer grounds with your date.
  • For example, every time we might get into arguments, she would bring up every grudge from the past regardless of how old or irrelevant they were to the conversation.
  • Publishing videos via This Colorful World fostered a loving and considerate neighborhood which inspired Lauren and Lisa to create a web-based course about the method to be your true self.
  • You do not need to ‘seem like’ a lesbian to be one.

This can feel awkward to folks who’re new to dating within the lesbian and queer communities, as a end result of you’re nervous you’ll offend. But it’s 2021 and it’s necessary to address people the way they really feel most seen. While this is the primary obvious piece of dating recommendation for literally anyone ever, it bears repeating as a result of so many individuals still have a hard time doing it.

#6 Be Polite And Keep Time

Thinking the first woman I ever dated was the love of my life and that would I by no means get over her. “Only a lesbian might consider that,” my pal Kevin said to me after I advised him how I received out of calling my girlfriend the incorrect name. I was all of a sudden flooded with embarrassing memories of pronouncing my love to a lady whose name or face I could not remember. For the next 12 months, I lived in incessant worry of running into this lady again. If your girlfriend’s friend is subtly flirting with you, simply pretend she’s being super friendly and never, ever drunkenly tell your girlfriend.

dating tips for lesbian

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If she appears reluctant to speak, change to a light-hearted matter to make her comfortable.Avoid getting too private. In the early days, it’s not a good suggestion to enter any dark histories or personal struggles. Save that for later, when a extra lasting commitment is on the desk. The «is she straight?» guessing recreation provides an additional challenge to lesbian dating.

Hinge only matches users with friends-of-friends, so everybody you meet could have someone to vouch for them. It calls itself «the dating app designed to be deleted,» so should you’re looking to land a relationship instead of a bunch of one-night stands, this may be the app for you. It makes the first date easier when you already know one thing concerning the individual.